Net nazi exposed

After several months of investigation, the anti-fascist magazine Monitor has helped to shut down a nazi internet web-site and expose the 19-year-old nazi activist Caroline Christiansen who was running the site, Norges søstre (Sisters of Norway) and who has been using Norwegian political chat-forums on the web to spread her nazi poison.

When anti-fascists discovered that Christiansen is employed as a typographer at a print works near Bergen, Monitor met officials of her trade union and presented them with the evidence of her nazi activities. The union’s leader reacted by calling a meeting at  Christiansen’s workplace at which she she was left in no doubt about the consequences for her career if she continued her activities.

The nazi web-mistress who had believed herself completely anonymous behind an Angelfire-hosted website and several Hotmail e-mail addresses, immediately terminated her mail-aliases, the website and all her activities to avoid expulsion from the union and keep her job. Monitor’s researchers are now watching for any resumption of activity by Christiansen and the union has expressed its wish to be kept informed.

Christiansen is the girlfriend of the nazi thug  Ingolf Arthur Øvretveit, currently in police custody in Bergen for trying to set fire to a radical book shop and café in the city.  This is not his first brush with the law. In January 2000, he was sentenced to seven months’ jail for a brutal attack with two other nazis on an  immigrant from Ghana in his own home.

Øvretveit’s defence lawyer says he is now out of the nazi scene but having Caroline Christiansen for a girlfriend would seem to indicate the opposite. Her exposure has demonstrated that it is difficult to hide, even on the web…a point that Norwegian police should note before they claim that it is impossible to track and expose nazis on the internet.


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