Nazis fail to maintain "fortress"

Blood and Honour’s (B&H) Danish section has failed in its effort to turn a building on the island of Langeland into a so-called “fortress”. Consisting of a small house with a fence around it, the premises was used as base for the harassment of refugees, a Rudolf Hess commemoration march and two concerts in a bid to impress B&H’s Scandinavian führer Erik Blucher.

From Rasmus Juel in Copenhagen

Maintaining activity in and around this “fortress”, however, now seems to have proved too much for the small-time criminals who make up B&H Denmark. Some activists have been jailed and the nazis have decamped into nearby Svendborg, setting up shop in an apartment rented by a leading member and harassing local leftists with reinforcements from Copenhagen and Århus. The main target for their hatred is a local politician who campaigned to get them evicted from Langeland.

Fed up with the nazis’ antics, Svendborg residents are now following in the footsteps of their counterparts in smaller towns like Kværs and Kollund who have successfully driven nazis out of their communities.

When a residents’ meeting was called by left-wing groups on 24 October, B&H activists turned up and  tried to storm the meeting. Three of them were arrested. A further meeting a week later attracted over two hundred people who voted unanimously to make 9 November a display of anti-fascist solidarity. On the day, more than 300 local people turned out to hear the town’s mayor denounce the presence of nazis in Svendborg. At the same time, a big anti-fascist demonstration took place in central Copenhagen

Meanwhile, in the village of Nørresundby, 250 people rallied against the establishment of a Danish National Socialist Movement (DNSB)  bunker in a house inherited from a Waffen-SS veteran. Local people there have been staging daily protests against the DNSB for the past seventeen months, vowing to continue until their community is nazi-free.

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