Four Norwegian Nazis was, early in September, convicted for obtaining stolen dynamite. The four; Dag Tennefoss (260578), Tommy Stokke (241178), John David Borgen (180178) and Henning Andrè Borgen (060677) are all well-known thugs from the local nazi-gang in Hokksund. They are all connected to the convicted bomber and synagogue-desecrator Ole Krogstad. Several other Norwegian nazis are also having problems with the legal system.

Tennefoss was offered the dynamite by a local thief, and contacted the Borgen boys and Stokke. They bought ca. 20 kilos of dynamite, detonators and 12,5 kilos of black powder. The explosives were hidden under a tree in the forest and were later hidden in Henning Anrè Borgens garage and bedroom.

John David Borgen, who was sentenced to 45 days in prison, was also convicted for assault and battery after mistreating a man with an iron rod. Borgen has a long record of violent nazi activities. Among other things he was arrested on February the 11. 1995 after Nazis opened fire against an antiracist demonstration. He was also a parliamentary candidate for Jack Erik Kjuus ill-reputed racist-party "The white electoral alliance". In 1995 Borgen was suspended from school for wearing a nazi uniform and swasticas. He was also a member in Ole krogstads bad sounding nazi-band, Vidkuns venner. His mother, May Synnøve Borgen, has been supporting the nazi activities of her son. When the Nazis in Norway arranged their first hate-concert in June 1995 Mrs. Borgen hired the premises at Varlo community-house. The mobilphone used by "Rock against communism" was also registered in her name.  Henning Andrè was fined 10 000 kroner and given as 45 days suspended sentence. He was also convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Tommy Stokke received a 45 days sentence. He will not have to worry about serving this sentence the next months - He is already serving a 18 months sentence for attempted murder on a local antiracist.

While the Nazis in Hokksund already have received their convictions, another well known Norwegian nazi-thug,
Ole Nicolai Kvisler (230779) from Oslo is facing trial in Sweden, charged with battery and incitement of racial hatred.
Kvisler is known to be extremely violent. On May the 17 last year he was one of to Nazis knifestabbing a bypasser during a clash between Nazis and punks at the central railway-station in Oslo. Again, he was arrested on January the 31 at the Swedish border, together with 3 other well-known Nazis. The police captured a nunchacko, led-gloves and lots of CDs with white-power music. Finally he was arrested in the Swedish village Nora on May the first this year for rioting, after participating in an illegal nazimarch.

Talking about trials: The press-spokesman of the notorious racist FMI - Folkebevegelsen mot innvandring (The people's movement against immigration), Jan Høeg has lost his civil suit against the Labour Youth organisation (AUF). The background for the trial was taht AUF had Called FMI damned Nazis. After hearing the witnesses, the court ruled that this was an appropriate description of the FMI. Mr. Høeg, who has pawned his house to pay for the trial will have to pay AUF about 7 000 pounds for their expenses. Høeg has appealed the verdict to a higher court, but has problems with the finances. He is therefore sending letters to all his fellow racists, begging for money. He might have problems getting any: The would-be fuhrer, Michael Knutsen, is competing him at the same market, trying to raise money for his forthcoming trial after he was fined 2 000 punds for incitement of racial hatred. Reportedly Mr. Knutsen has problems with his collection campaign and will probably have to spend some of the profits from his "hate by mail-order" outfit, Nordeffekter.

By Monitor

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