The infamous nazi, Tommy Tangen (220378) from Hønefoss, a member of the Norwegian Aryan Youthfront and Viking has been convicted to a 10 months prison-sentence for gunrunning and assault on local antiracists. The court also ruled that 4 000 pounds, the estimated profit from the sales, should be confiscated.

The police have been seeking for the weapons since last year, when 9 leading Norwegian Nazis were arrested for planning too free the infamous nazi Satanist and convicted for murder and arson, Varg Vikernes aka. "Count Grishnak" from prison, and for plotting against the government. The police pressed charges for minor offences against some of the arrested. The arrests still had great impact on the nazi-environment as they since then have found them busy, looking for police-informers within their ranks.

On of the informers was Tommy Tangen, a well-known nazi-thug, after his arrest he talked willingly, hoping to get a milder sentence. When trialed he was found guilty as charged in one of the biggest gun-related trials ever on the Norwegian nazi-scene. He was convicted for the illegal obtaining, possession and sale of:
2 Uzi machineguns, 1 pump-action shotgun, 1 Walther p-38 pistol, 1 revolver cal. 38, 2 pistols cal. 45, 1 revolver cal. 45, 1 single-barreled sawn off shotgun, 1 doubble-barreled shotgun, 1 AK 47 (Kalashnikov) automatic rifle, And 1 CS teargas-gun.
    Tangen was also convicted for the illegal possession of a 22-cal pistol and a 22-cal. rifle.
All the weapons were stolen. The court heard that Tangen obtained the weapons from a very shadowy person named "Roy", a person Tangen met in a pub.  Tangen, who got very familiar with "Roy", bought the weapons from him on different occasions. Despite the mutual trust between Tangen and "Roy", the delinquent never knew "Roys" familyname or any other details. He could also inform the court that "Roy" never new Tangens familyname either.

Tangen however, was willing to give the police names of other Nazis that had been obtaining weapons from him. Figuring prominently on the customers list was the infamous Viking-leader Eirik Ragnar "Micro" Solheim, also known as the test-tube nazi, who bought most of the weapons to a cost of approximately 3 300 pounds.  Solheim, who is already convicted for gun-threats, will after this probably be facing a trial.

Another well-known customer of Tangen was the secretary of the Fatherlandspartys youth-organisation, Andreas Utne Wang. Wang, already having problems with his former friends in Viking after being suspected for being a policeinformer, reportedly bought a teargas-gun from Tangen to protect himself against his former friends. Viking members have earlier smashed Wangs windows and attempted to break his kneecap.
    Before drifting apart from his former friends Wang was arrested for rioting, afte Nazis opened fire against an antifascist demonstration in 1995. He also participated in Vikings campaign to infiltratye the progress-partys youth-organisation in 1996. After being kicked out, Andreas Wang headed for a lightening career in the Fatherlandsparty, where he, during the general elections in 1997 where he stood for candidate in 5 different counties at the same time.

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